The Denis Law Legacy Trust currently operates and delivers a number of ‘free doorstep’ activities and programmes across Aberdeen City.

We prioritise prevention through intervention and diversionary tactics and support underprivileged communities with high levels of unemployment and poverty.

We have a focussed remit and mainly target our activities at young people aged between 10-16 years old however we never turn anyone away who wants to participate and get involved.

We strive to keep all activities free of charge and therefore remove any barriers to participation.

There are a number of ways for you to get involved and to assist with the deployment and organisation of activities. These range from volunteering and in kind contributions to fundraising and corporate sponsorship. You can also suggest ways of contributing to the delivery of our activities and programme.

You can also enhance your own CV and potential career path by obtaining experience, certificates and qualifications.

Activities and programmes include:

  • Streetsport
  • Community Football Festival
  • Goal Models
  • Positive Destinations
  • Kick Start
  • Volunteer & Soccarista Pathways
  • Lifestylers
  • Freestylers
  • Street Tennis
  • Street Dance
  • Extreme Art School
  • Street Make
  • Streetsport Slow Roll
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Goal Models

The Denis Law Goal Models Programme is operated by Streetsport and involves a number of successful sports stars and athletes who have established links with Aberdeen City.

Our Goal Models aim to inspire and motivate local young people to participate in sports and other creative activities and support them to achieve positive outcomes.

Streetsport participants also receive personalised responses to questions.

Current “Goal Models” include:

  • Ben Kilner – Snow Boarding - 2 time Winter Olympian
  • Rachel Corsie – Football – Scotland International and Seattle Reign
  • Odmar Faroe – Football – Faroe Island International
  • Viorel Etko – Wrestling – Commonwealth Bronze Medalist
  • Christian Antoniazzi – Football – Scotland U-17’s and Celtic
  • Siobhon Cowie – Hockey – Scotland and Aberdeen
  • Shannon Lawson – Boxing
  • Craig Lawrie – Golf
  • Becky Flaherty – Football – Scotland U-19s and Aberdeen
  • Hannah Stewart – Football – Scotland U-19s and Aberdeen
  • Claire Brownie – Netball – Scotland and Bath

Positive Destinations (delivered in partnership with Aberdeen Asset Management)

Positive Destination - Torry is an employability initiative aimed at young people living within the Torry area of Aberdeen.

This is a two year programme that enables any 16-19 year old to develop a personalized pathway of activities which will lead towards a positive destination.

We will provide participants with a variety of options; opportunities and courses aimed at building confidence and enhancing opportunities for employment.

Example courses include:

  • Food Hygiene
  • Health and Safety
  • Health and Fitness
  • Sports Coaching
  • Driving Theory
  • European Computer Driving Licence
  • First Aid
  • Child Protection

Kick Start (delivered in partnership with Police Scotland)

Denis Law’s Kick Start works in partnership with Police Scotland’s Early Intervention Officers. We deliver activities into local primary schools where there are youths attending who are identified as ‘at risk of offending’. We then signpost current Streetsport sessions and involve them within their local communities in an effort to reduce the potential impact of offending.

Volunteer & Soccarista Pathways

The Denis Law Legacy Trust offers a wide variety of ways to get involved through volunteering.

Our Volunteers and Soccaristas often assist us with the on-site deployment and organisation of activities however you can also suggest others ways of contributing your time.

As a volunteer you will benefit in a variety of ways and gain valuable experience as part of a dedicated and enthusiastic team. You will enhance your CV and potential career path by obtaining certificates and qualifications and benefit from a wide variety of other incentives and social activities.

We have established and implemented a structured rewards programme through the Saltire Awards and all volunteers (between the ages of 16 – 25) are registered with Volunteer Scotland, a national organization that provides leadership on Volunteering Policy and Practice.

Streetsport is also the first sports organisation in Scotland to be awarded Volunteer Friendly Accreditation.

You will create your own individual Personal Development Plan and on completion of 50, 100 or 200 hours receive your awards and certificates.

To find out more visit Streetsport's Volunteering page.

Each volunteer is expected to commit 3 hours of time every 2 weeks. Prior to involvement, you will complete an induction, safety training and a Level 1 Child Protection course.

There is also the potential for paid employment with Streetsport and a written reference after completing 6 months of volunteering (or having logged 250 hours).


A Soccarista’s is a 14 or 15 year old Streetsport participant who has demonstrated leadership ability and aims to progress onto volunteer status at the age of 16.

This designation is seen as a bridge between ‘participant’ and ‘volunteer’.

A Soccarista leads by example and acts as a role model within their local community. They assist coaches and volunteers with the set up and delivery of games and other activities and are issued with a specific uniform.


Come along to one of our sessions and get some advice on lifestyle with Streetsport.

If you’re looking to get fit or want advise on diet then come along and introduce yourself to one of our coaches who will be on hand to assist.

Freestylers (delivered in partnership with Robert Gordon University)

Come along to one of our sessions and learn freestyle and street football skills with Streetsport.

Freestyle Football emerged from the streets and is now firmly established as a global sport.

We currently run an indoor Freestyle Football session on Monday evenings at RGU:SPORT from 8.00pm – 9.00pm.

Entry is free so why not come along and get involved?

Check out the video and see some of the world’s best Freestylers in action!

PANNA KO (delivered in partnership with Robert Gordon University)

Panna is a lightning-fast form of street football in which ‘nutmegging’ your opponent is the ultimate goal.

We currently operate Scotland’s first PANNA KO session on Tuesday evenings at Transition Extreme from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

Entry is free so why not come along and get involved?

The rules are simple:

  • One versus one.
  • Games last 3 minutes.
  • Most goals wins.
  • A nutmeg immediately wins the match outright.

Come along to our PANNA KO session down at Transition Extreme to give it a go!

SOCCASHOT ® (delivered in partnership with RGU:SPORT)

Soccashot is an urban sport that combines freestyle and street football: Two players – Head to Head – 1V1 – Your 1st touch has never been so crucial!

SOCCASHOT™ is fast and free flowing and is designed to develop technique, superior ball control and freestyle skill as well as fitness, speed and agility.

The game is based on two players playing one on one usually taking two touches to control the ball and shoot from within their own half of the pitch. Players can take more touches, however this involves keeping the ball in the air at all times. This element of the game is referred to as an Ole! These additional touches are aimed at encouraging an element of freestyle skill within the game.

Top players are ‘all-round’ footballers who possess many of the attributes expected of today’s professionals….and that includes goalkeeping.

The Soccashot Association operates under the auspices of Denis Law Legacy Trust – Registered Charity Number: SC 043169 and works in partnership with Streetsport.

Soccashot works in partnership with RGU:SPORT and is recognised for promoting a healthy lifestyle; encouraging anti-discrimination and social integration.

Street Tennis

We currently offer a range of tennis activities based on Judy Murray’s Tennis on the Road programme.

Through Streetsport Judy Murray and Kris Soutar are helping to deliver tennis to a whole new generation of kids and are keen to encourage greater participation in the sport in a variety of street settings at all levels of ability across the city.

At the heart of the programme are a number of games that Judy enjoyed playing with Andy and Jamie when they were growing up.

We offer a range of simple games and activities using everyday household objects that cost virtually nothing to set up and help develop the vital ABC’s of sport – Agility, Balance and Coordination.

With equipment supplied by Sport Aberdeen and Tennis Scotland (special thanks to Dave MacDiarmid) we aim to get kids active and help promote tennis as a positive activity.

You only need a small space (equivalent to a badminton court) inside or out, rain or shine.

So what are you waiting for?

We may even discover the next Andy Murray on the streets of Aberdeen!

Street Dance (delivered in partnership with City Moves)

Qualified professional dance instructors from City Moves Dance Agency provide free weekly street dance sessions in conjunction with other Streetsport activities.

Extreme Art School (delivered in partnership with Gray’s School of Art & Transition Extreme)

The Extreme Art School is a 10-week community based ‘Art & Design’ programme that was launched in April 2015 and is led by Gray's School of Art and Transition Extreme.

The curriculum is aimed at helping young people aged 16-21 make the transition into further education, training or employment (particularly within the creative industries) and builds on the success of Transition Extreme's flagship 'Alternative Academy'.

Participants will develop a portfolio by working alongside a variety of professional artists and designers and collaborate on a range of activities and projects culminating in a public exhibition of their work.

Delivery partners include Aberdeen City Council’s Creative Cultures Team, John Lewis Partnership, Seventeen and Make.

RGU supports this programme as part of its ongoing commitment towards widening access into further and higher education through the University's ‘Access RGU’ initiative.

Street Make (delivered in partnership with Maker Space)

Street Make aims to inspire creativity and innovation in young people by providing access to ‘creative technology’ within their local communities.

We create ‘Pop Up Maker Spaces’ that provide flexible working environments in a variety of locations and deliver a series of directed and themed workshops that offer access to a range of equipment and digital technologies.

Participants learn how to adapt and customize their clothing and sports equipment using a variety of techniques and technologies including computer aided design, digital fabrication, rapid prototyping and laser cutting.

In line with Aberdeen City’s Vibrant Aberdeen Cultural Strategy the project employs a Maker Coach to plan and deliver the Maker Space workshops and coordinate a range of creative practitioners, academics, postgraduate students, volunteers and others in the delivery of sessions.

Delivery partners include Aberdeen City Council, Grampian Information, Seventeen and Make, the Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen.

Streetsport Slow Roll (coming soon - delivered in partnership with Transition Extreme and Sport Aberdeen)

A Streetsport Slow Roll is a community led ‘social bike ride’ that normally takes place at night. We simply meet at a pre-arranged time and location and then cruise for about 6 miles at an easy 8-10mph around an area of Aberdeen.

We also have a customisation bar set up at the start & finish point that allows you socialise and swap stories with other riders and learn how to adapt and modify your ‘ride’.

All you need is a bike, a helmet, bike lights and a good attitude.

If you don’t have the kit then contact us beforehand and we can arrange this for you on loan in advance.